New Book Helps You Uncover the Path to the Ultimate Stewardship of God’s Gifts and Reveals:

How to Establish an Enduring Legacy For Your Family…

That Helps Them Withstand Anything the World Throws At Them.

Our Faith-Based Framework Helps Reveal What You Need to Do TODAY to Strengthen, Protect, and Provide for Your Family for Generations to Come

Get Your Digital Copy of Seven Generations Legacy: Design a Multigenerational Legacy of More Than Money Today for Just $4.99, Discover This Comprehensive Approach to Financial Planning for Your Family, Your Money, and Your Legacy.

Kind Words from Clients and Friends

If you’re looking for a practical discussion about how to make a lasting difference for generations to come, look no further. Seven Generations gives you the inside scoop and all the tools you need to design your own family legacy. People who know me know that I am all about leading the way. Rather than just telling you it’s possible, Rachel shows you exactly how she did this for her own family. Well done, Rachel.

— Michael Cobb, Chairman and CEO of ECI Development

Rachel and her family have not only crystalized their own legacy planning to catapult their wealth generations ahead but they’ve also outlined a roadmap for others to complete this daunting task. So take action and implement your legacy plan now. Tune your alignment today by taking care of what matters most—making sure you and your family are healthy physically, mentally, and relationally—and you’ll amplify your efforts to charge your biggest goals.

— Richard C. Wilson, CEO and Founder of the Family Office Club, Bestselling Author of The Single-Family Office Book

Seven Generations outlines a formula for not only living at your best but also “pre-scripting your legacy” ahead of time. By stepping back to really understand the meaning of money, you will see how you can use it to empower your children instead of disempowering them (which, unfortunately, is so often the case). Empowering your children to create wealth will give them the foundation for lifelong success and flourishing—and Rachel can help you with this targeted, intentional work. You’ll not only be able to clarify your own “family guidance system” but also gain valuable insights for setting up your estate planning and organizing your financial life to support your value system. At the core, your eyes will be opened to the power you hold right now to make a difference, not only for yourself but for generations to come.

— Jon and Missy Butcher, Founders of LifeBook

“Start at the end” is where Rachel begins, and as an advisor who nearly lost her life in childbirth, Rachel personally knows the power of this perspective. Seven Generations is itself a labor of love that offers inspiration and practical advice to readers of all levels of wealth. If you want to create a legacy that promotes your descendants' true freedom and reflects your faith that life is about more than money, Seven Generations is the book for you.

— Keith Whitaker, Ph.D.; President of Wise Counsel Research and Co-Author of The Cycle of the Gift, The Voice of the Rising Generation, Family Trusts, Complete Family Wealth, and Wealth of Wisdom: The Top 50 Questions Wealthy Families Ask

Dear Friend,

If you’ve ever lain awake at night, staring at the ceiling, wondering what will happen to your family after you go… 

If you’ve spent your whole life doing everything you can…

Trying to steward so many gifts from God in a way He would approve of…

…I’d like to help.

Wealth is a blessing, but your family is the most precious resource you will ever have. 

Inside the pages of this book, I’ll give you blueprints for the decisions you can make right now that will ensure that your children, their children, and the generations to come are cared for…





Let me ask you this:

How will your family look in 5 years? 

How about in 50 years?

150 years?

What are you doing today that will have a positive influence on the generations to come?

By the way, this goes far beyond any money and assets you hope to leave behind. 

It’s about the values you impart to your children, that they’ll then share with their children… who will pass them along to their own children… for generations. 

So my question is this: 

Are you happy with the legacy you’ve created?

"A good man leaves an inheritance for his children’s children….” 
– Proverbs 13:22

Part of God’s plan is not just for you to give money to the next generation, but through the next generation. This will only happen if your children have been prepared to steward their inheritance and have good character.

Today, I’d like to help you discover how to answer God’s call of stewardship as you consider the future and what will happen to all your material wealth once you’re no longer here. 

This conversation is about wills, trusts, and estate planning, but it’s not just about wills, trusts, and estate planning…

Because inheritance is simply one facet of the whole legacy you will leave behind. 

Today I’m inviting you to explore every facet of your legacy…

The way you lead your family, the values you impart to your children, the relationships you establish, and so much more. 

In the process, I’d like to share with you:

  • Why typical “estate planning” is not enough to take care of your family for the long term (and what you need to think about instead)...
  • Techniques you can use to discover and then create a beautiful culture of teamwork and stewardship in your family so that you can prepare future generations and lead your family well…
  • Ways to connect more deeply with your children so they are not only open and trusting with you, but more likely to lead lives that align with your faith and values…
  • A step-by-step framework for establishing the proper legal and financial structures that will ensure that any inheritance you leave behind is used the way you intend…
  • How to plan, and clearly communicate, your wishes for the inheritance you plan to leave so that family ties will not fall apart when you’re no longer here to oversee the decision-making…
  • You’ll also get checklists and assessments along the way to evaluate where you are and what still needs to be done to prepare your family to work together fruitfully, to receive their inheritance wisely, and to live well in the meantime…
  • ​And much, much more.

This is all part of my latest book, Seven Generations Legacy. 

Before I share more details about the book and resources I’m about to give you, let me explain who I am, how I can help, and what I’ll ask you to do in the book.


I Help Faithful Parents Build Lasting Legacies

Hi There!

I’m Rachel, and I help people just like you establish an airtight legacy that will span generations… both financially and relationally. 

Since 2012, my team and I have been blessed to be able to help thousands of men and women go from being anxious, confused, and lost to having confidence, surety, and stronger relationships with their spouses and children. 

I understand the worries you’re having right now, because I’ve been there too. 

After working as a financial planner for high net worth families for so many years, it was the traumatic birth of my second child that snapped me into focus. 

In short, I underwent emergency surgery after life-threatening complications during labor. The doctors were not sure I would make it, and my husband spent the first night of our precious baby’s life wondering how he would manage with me gone. 

After my unexpected survival (thanks be to God!) and arduous recovery, I carried one primary thought with me: 

What would have happened to my husband if I’d died? What would have happened to my girls? 

A scary, unknown future sprawled before me, filling me with fear and worries about how my family’s future could have been devastated in so many ways by this one single loss – me. 

Now my work has shifted to focus not just on the legal and financial aspects of wealth planning… but on the entire family system and how to become the best possible steward of these souls and their future… 

Not just of wealth, but of the hearts and character of my family. 

Today, I’d like to invite you to do the same.

“House and wealth are an inheritance from fathers…” 
– Proverbs 19:14

Let’s be clear: 

This is not a book about fear and death and worst-case scenarios. 

It’s about best-case scenarios and how to bring them about, to the best of our ability. 

This is an invitation to take an honest look at yourself, your family, and especially your relationships with your children, no matter how old they are now. 

If you want to create a legacy of faith, care, and integrity, you can’t side-step these relationships… 

There’s no room for hope and assumption… only diligence and love. 

In the book, I’m going to show you exactly how to establish your legacy that will last for generations… 

And why it starts today. 

Not some day when you’re older or have more or “figure it out.”

Not when you retire. 

Not when you’re facing a diagnosis. 


This is where estate planning fails. 

Because typical financial and estate planning is all about the money…

Yet the money is the least important aspect of your legacy. 

You can leave a beautiful, lasting legacy… even if you aren’t leaving significant wealth behind. 

But if you do plan to leave an inheritance to your loved ones, the most loving thing you can do is structure it thoughtfully and carefully, so that all decisions are pre-made and there’s no place for in-fighting. 

And today, with this book, I’d like to show you how to accomplish all of that.

Are You Ready to Create a Beautiful Legacy of Collaboration & Stewardship, to Secure Your Family for Generations to Come?

If you have a family, then God has already richly blessed you. 

And if you’ve been able to create any kind of wealth – or you’re on the path to creating it – your blessings are overflowing. 

I’d like to help you steward EVERY aspect of your legacy, not just the financials.

A process that begins TODAY, not at some distant point in the future when you’re older.  

Here’s how it works.


The first part of my approach to creating your lasting legacy – including the financial planning – is to understand the bigger vision behind your efforts. 

For many of us, legacy means the part of us that lives on, to guide and care for our families long after we’re gone. 

So yes, money is part of that equation… but in this section of the book, we will focus on the foundation of every well-lived life: relationships. 

In this first part of the Seven Generations Legacy method, you’ll establish your family’s unique guidance system. This becomes the foundation of your family culture and the careful relationship-building you will do with your children. It will be particularly helpful if you have children at home. 

It’s in these relationships that your legacy is preserved. Without this foundation, all your best-made plans will crumble… but with it, you will THRIVE.


Next, you’ll explore the best options in front of you for solidifying the legacy plans you made in Part One. This is where you legally enact everything and make it air-tight and rock-solid.

We will begin to explore legal structures to not only care for your family in the case of your untimely passing, but to preserve and protect any assets you leave behind, large or small. I’ll also show you how and when to make any updates to your plans as time passes and circumstances change.

It’s in this section of the book that you will begin to feel the kind of peace that comes when you know you’ve done everything you can to protect your loved ones from any pressures – inside or outside the family – that will make life more difficult without you. 

Should the worst happen, you will be prepared and your family will be equipped to move forward.


Finally, we’ll handle the money aspect. 

The reality is, many people leave behind some inheritance for their children. Some of our clients leave behind vast sums of wealth. Others are much more in line with the typical family’s expectations. 

No matter what wealth and resources you’ve accumulated over your life, it’s critical to ensure that they continue to care for your family long after you’re gone. 

To do this, I’ve developed a way of turning every-day financial products into a wealth-building – and wealth-sustaining – financial system that will continue to grow long after you’re gone, serving and taking care of your family for many generations to come. I see generational wealth as a team sport, and I’ll show you what that can look like for your family.

This is the final piece of your legacy.
Discover This Method and Much More Inside of:

Seven Generations Legacy: Design a Multigenerational Legacy of More than Money

This Faith-Based Framework Helps Reveal What You Need to Do TODAY to Strengthen, Protect, and Provide for Your Family for Generations to Come
Get Your Digital Copy of Seven Generations Legacy: Design a Multigenerational Legacy of More Than Money Today for Just $4.99, Discover This Faith-Based Approach to Financial Planning for Your Family, Your Money, and Your Legacy.

Here’s a Look at the Lessons You’ll Discover in Pillar 1 of this Book:

  • Why estate planning is the wrong thing to focus on when you think about what to do with your resources (p. 32)
  • ​How to define your hopes and intentions for your legacy – getting clear on WHY this matters (p. 37)
  • Exercises to help you get clear on what your family means to you & how to define your lasting role in their lives (p. 39)
  • ​​What “seven generation glasses” are and how to “put them on” to guide you toward the right decisions for your family (p. 49)
  • ​​The critical importance of the Family Guidance System, plus exercises and examples so you can begin to create your own with confidence (all of Ch. 9)
  • ​​​​Why one 250-year-old document is the ideal source of inspiration as you establish your family’s guiding principles (p. 64)
  • ​​​The difference between principles and strategies, and how to use BOTH for establishing your lasting legacy (p. 67-90)
  • ​​​​How to simultaneously grow your wealth and grow your “people” – your children and heirs – despite these two objectives seemingly being in conflict with each other. (p. 94)
  • ​Endorphin-like power you gain and how to maximize its benefits as you undertake this process… (p. 105)
  • ​One surprising benefit of a clearly written Family Guidance System (hint: you don’t want any surprises) (p. 112)

In Pillar 2, You’ll Begin to Discover the Best Legal and Financial Vehicles for Creating Your Legacy…

  • How to use your work from Part I to carry your legacy forward into future generations (p. 115)
  • ​Straight talk about why these decisions matter TODAY and why you’re risking your children’s futures by continuing to put off any financial planning (p. 117)
  • ​Why inheritance planning is just like shopping for a boat… and how to navigate both (p. 120)
  • 7 must-have elements of a robust estate plan (and what to consider when establishing yours) (p. 123)
  • Why estate planning matters, even if you don’t have any significant wealth to protect at the moment (p. 124)
  • ​​​Selecting the right legal structures that will carry out your wishes for the inheritance you’ll be leaving, long after you’re gone (p. 125)
  • The legal “treasure chest” that will make passing along your inheritance as fast and straightforward as possible (p. 126)
  • ​​​​How to avoid the disastrous unintended consequences of “typical” estate planning the way the mainstream will tell you to do it (p. 134)
  • ​Why leaving an inheritance directly to your heirs is the worst possible thing you could do for wealth management – and what to do instead (p. 136)
  • 3 potential pitfalls of holding your wealth in trusts, with our best advice for how to overcome them (p. 139)
  • ​Our perfect work-around for maintaining both freedom and responsibility with the inheritance we intend to leave to our children & how you can do the same for yourself (p. 145)
  • ​Notes and examples of how to draft your Memorandum of Trust, to ensure that your wealth is preserved and distributed according to your wishes (p. 154-166)
  • ​The 7 key relationships you need in your life to maintain the kind of balance and health that’s required for living a legacy-worthy life (p. 174)

In Pillar 3, I’ll Show You My Favorite Methods to Fund the Legacy You’re Working So Hard to Create…

  • What the ultimate love letter to your family contains and how to secure one for yourself (p. 185)
  • ​The only way to guarantee you “end with the most” in your bank account, no matter what happens (p. 186)
  • The surprising but critical role that life insurance plays… and it’s not about replacing income (p. 190)
  • ​​How the Swiss Army knife should inspire and inform your financial planning (p. 197)
  • Ways to clarify the purpose and roles of money in your life, in your future, and in your legacy so you can make the best decisions now for the greatest return (p. 199)
  • ​​​​The most woefully misunderstood financial product available, which, when used properly, can do the work of 10 other, more popular financial tools (p. 202)
  • ​​​What the “And Asset” is and how you can use it to dramatically increase your net worth (p. 205)
  • ​​​​How to break the dreaded Curse of the Wealthy, and ensure your family never falls prey to it (p. 210)
  • ​What the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers have that the Vanderbilts didn’t… and how you can end up more like the former (p. 214)
  • ​The problem with outright passive gifts in inheritance, and why if you care about your children’s future prosperity, you will stop giving them. (p. 222)
  • ​One simple shift that will allow you to create multi-generational wealth with any inheritance you leave (p. 223)
  • Practical tips for implementing a family banking system that will not only preserve your family’s wealth but also provide a life-changing financial education for your children and heirs (p. 226)
  • ​Why wealth is a team sport… plus, how to assemble the best team (p. 249)
  • ​And so much more!

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Success Stories from Families Who Have Used This Method to Craft Their Multi-Generational Legacy of More Than Money

More Kind Words from Clients and Friends

One of the things that I think is so overwhelming for most people about estate planning is decision fatigue. There are so many decisions that have to be made. If you don't have a clear overall intent, every one of those decisions is painful. Once you have that clear overall intent, those decisions just flow, and you can just carry out the action steps rather than having to decide at every single point. Now because of Seven Generations Legacy Coaching, we have clearly articulated family values and clear intent around how we want to engage our children in discussions about money, finance, being responsible, and being a good steward of all resources. This clear intent makes it so much easier to make the micro decisions. One of the big surprises that has come out of coaching is that we have much more opportunity in the present moment to set our family up for success in future generations than we realized.

— Dr. Sabrina Starling, Founder of Tap the Potential, Author of The 4 Week Vacation® and the How to Hire the Best Series, Keynote Speaker

For years I’ve struggled with the challenge of how to best transfer my wealth to my children. I know what it took for me to build it from scratch; it was hard, painful at times, disappointing, long hours, and lots of study and learning. What I’ve become and learned in that process is the true value. Of course, I want to bless my heirs with what I’ve built—to give them a great life. I also don’t want to create entitlement, laziness, or spendthrifts. I want them to go through the growth process and not give them any shortcuts; at the same time, I want them to live their best lives and use the money to create opportunities and multiply it. Rachel’s book came like a gift from God at the right time, with the perfect plan. Anyone that reads this book will be able to move confidently in the direction of creating enduring family wealth, not only a legacy but a blessing to ongoing generations.

— Jack Gibson, Founder of Indestructible Wealth

I was so overwhelmed with "estate planning" until Rachel broke it down into bite-sized pieces, helping me create a plan BETTER than I've ever imagined. Checking the "done" box on a legacy plan felt AMAZING! Riveting from the start, Rachel reveals the secrets that made her wealth plan stronger and how you can too. Don't wait; let Seven Generations FINALLY give you the same peace of mind it gave me.

— Eileen Wilder, Founder Confident Closer, Elite Speakers, Two Comma Kit

Rachel's book opened my eyes to the huge GAPS that were missing from my estate planning. My wife and I are rushing to take care of the important matters and going through Rachel's exercise to leave the legacy we've always wanted to build. Thank you for this incredible resource, Rachel!

— Craig Ballantyne, Author of The Perfect Week Formula

Through her own personal story, Rachel Marshall, author of Seven Generations, shares the raw reality of the fragility of life and how it can be gone in an instant. The deep love she and her husband have for their own children led them to research and design the legacy they will leave them. This book is the practical guide needed for any family looking to leave a legacy that lasts far beyond the next generation. Don’t be fooled by its simplicity, for that is the beauty of this how-to guide. I urge you to get this book, read it, and use it as the tool to jumpstart your own plan.

— Barbara Stackhouse, RDH, M.Ed.; Consultant and Author of Profit First for Dentists

What’s cool about Seven Generations is that the principles work for everyone! Whether you have young kids, adult children, or even no children, you’ll see exactly how you can strengthen your family, navigate estate planning, and leave the greatest gift behind to continue making an impact long after you’re gone. Everyone needs to read this book! 

— Mark Podolsky, The Land Geek and Author of Dirt Rich

Are You Ready to Create an Enduring Legacy That’s More than Just Money, to Lead and Care for Your Family for Generations to Come?

Get the Book Today for Just $4.99
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